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CirqueIT is comprised of artists Linnea Kirby and Christiana Rose. Kirby and Rose have been collaborating since 2013. Their works are often focused in the circus arts, but they have also worked together in film, dance, integrated technology, and graphic design. In 2014, they choreographed a partner acrobatic act and a triple trapeze act with movement artist Molly Barger for Up in Smoke. Since then, they have continued to choreograph together and perform frequently at Oberlin College and other cultural events in the greater Cleveland area. In 2015, they wrote and produced The First of Mays, a short silent film about two thieves who join the circus. In October 2015 at Warner Dance Center, they premiered append, a multimedia evening-length work which explored five approaches to dialogues between humans and technology through dance, circus arts, interactive sensor musical interfaces, and live music. Currently, Kirby and Rose are training their circus skills and brainstorming new collaborations.


Linnea Kirby is a self-proclaimed "Contemporary Renaissance Person," with interests ranging from the creative to the analytical. Linnea received a B.A. in Psychology with a concentration in Cognitive Sciences and a minor in Computer Science from Oberlin College in 2016. She graduated from a year of the New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA)’s PROTrack program in 2018, where she majored in contortion and unofficially minored in Chinese Pole. She is now constantly devising ways of integrating her passion for both computer science and the circus arts.

Throughout her work, Linnea has explored a range of topics, often imbued with dry wit, including perception of self and of the world, interaction between objects and space, and the bounds of femininity and androgyny.

Other talents include over nine years of classical training in ballet and piano, a conversational knowledge of French, the ability to tie cherry stems into knots with her tongue (not as cool as it sounds), and the ability to put on a pair of sunglasses with her feet (as cool as it sounds).

You can find more of Linnea's work here.


Christiana Rose avidly observes the absurdity of humanity and the world. In her work she considers the social and critical dialogues surrounding the ordinary, humans, technology, and the environment. These reflections often materialize in the form of interactive multi-layered installations, documentaries or live performances. She frequently works in acoustics, video, photography, sculpture, acrobatics and emerging technology--basically anything that makes bleeps and bloops.

Christiana received her B.A. in Cinema Studies and her B.Mus. in Technology in Music and Related Arts (TIMARA) from Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music in 2016. In 2014, she received her professional diploma in narrative filmmaking from The Prague Film School. Her work has been represented in festivals, galleries and conferences in New York, London, Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. She currently resides atop a mountain in Colorado and is honing her trampoline and soldering skills (not simultaneously of course).

You can find more of Christiana's work here.

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